Truck Driving Jobs in Dallas,Texas


Most truck drivers going through Dallas,Texas think of one thing, “Get Out”! The traffic can be a nightmare especially if you go through in the wrong time of day. My advice is about 12:30 at night, right through the middle, is usually smooth sailing.But what about all the things we are missing? Has anyone else noticed that the pay scale for the Dallas area has feel through the floor? In looking around for a new truck driving job a fellow driver called the big companies in the area. The things he discovered was totally shocking to me.

The truck drivers name is Mike by the way.Mike began calling and filling out applications to the big companies for a truck driving job, and possibly a trainer position because of his previous experience. Of course we all know the drill from here, big money and miles galore. Mike was promised 38 cents a mile and training within 30 days, sounds OK so far right? Well Mike loads up and heads to Dallas, Texas for the four day training session. By the second day of training Mike was informed that the pay was not going to be 38 cents now but 34 cents a mile. The reason was some of the 16 years of driving was not on the DAC report.To get the top pay of 38 cents per mile you have to have a continuous line of 5 years of driving all DAC reported. So after much frustration he went back to training. By the end of that day for some other unknown fell from the sky reason the pay went to 32 cents a mile.Keep in mind Mike has 16 years of driving and training with a spotless record. Let us just say there was not a third day of training for Mike, who left that afternoon.

In doing more research for the Dallas area mike discovered another top company that offered 30 cents a mile.I find all this amazing that years of safe driving and being a trainer only count for 30-32 cents a mile.What has happened to the truck driving industry? Or better yet what has happened to the drivers? Companies would rather have students, who they can pay less, than experienced drivers.What is the world coming too!!! Drivers better wake up soon and change their own future, because big changes are coming and they are not going to be good for the drivers.

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